The Barstream

Our flagship mobile bar was designed to combine a piece of classic Americana with a fully functioning mobile craft cocktail bar, currently the only option of its kind in Oklahoma. Follow us on social media to see the autonomous party machine for yourself!



Whether it is for your wedding, corporate party, tailgating, or charity function, The Barstream brings an extra level of fun and service to your event!


Bar Consulting

Whether a new proprietor to the industry, a veteran establishment owner that wants a second opinion, or just ready to refresh your current bar, we are here to work with you on a bespoke consulting engagement. We can help with management of pre-existing facilities, bar and menu design, and continual consulting for bars and restaurants. 


Managed Bar Services

Even without The Barstream, we do weddings, corporate events, parties, and can even fill in for your existing bar team in a pinch. We have a roster of the hottest mixologists and drink-slingers in Tulsa. Have someone in particular you would like to see behind your bar? Schedule a consultation with us today, we can make that happen.


Bar Design

Designing a bar is a complicated undertaking. Whether is it your restaurant bar or even a home remodel project, we can aid in design and equipment sourcing to make sure you have everything you need, even if you haven't realized what that is yet.